Today we are answering five frequently asked questions about today’s housing market in Charleston.

1. “Do I need a plan before I can buy or sell?”

Many people are hesitant to sell their homes because they’re not sure how to go about buying another one in our low-inventory market. Our team has created some unique strategies to help you locate and secure the home of your dreams! Reach out to us to discuss the details!

2. “Does the condition of my house matter?”

This answer has a little yes and no. The condition of your house matters less today than it ever has because of our current low inventory of houses for sale in Charleston. However, the better a house looks, the more attention it gets, and the more attention it gets, the more offers it will receive. More offers mean a higher price and more favorable terms. It is always our goal to help you secure an offer on your house that best suites YOU!

3. “Can I price my home above the market?”

If a home is overpriced, it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. The market has slowed down a tad lately, so your home needs to be priced properly if you want it to sell. The first few weeks (or less) on the market are critical to attracting the most attention to your house. 

4. “Do I really need a Realtor to sell my house?”

You might be able to get a contract without a Realtor, but it may not be the best contact or terms. Do you know much money that you may have left on the table? The great thing about having a professional on your side is that we have years of experience and have dealt with hundreds of home sales. We understand how to structure the contract with terms that are the best for YOU!

5. “Should I wait until prices settle down?”

For buyers, prices aren’t settling down anytime soon. In fact, we expect price appreciation for the next several years. If you’re a seller, you could wait until your house goes up in value to sell, but the beauty of this particular market is that it’s really active. If you price your home right and we help make it look its best, we can generate multiple offers and ultimately help you net the most amount of money!

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, or if you have any questions, reach out to us. We would love to discuss the details and walk you through why now could be a great time for you to reach your real estate goals. Bottom Line: “We’re still in a very strong seller’s market with low interest rates.”

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